The Great Dexter Treasure Hunt

Dexter Creamery has an exciting announcement to make! Ever wanted to find an actual hidden treasure? Well get your treasure hunting boots ready we will be hiding over $2000 in actual gold and silver in the Dexter area this summer! Here is how it works, each week we will hide a treasure chest somewhere on public property in the Dexter area. We will release a riddle pertaining to the location where it is hidden. Solve the riddle and search for the treasure! Each week between June 17th and August 5th either a new treasure will be hidden or if the previous weeks treasure hasn’t been located it will grow. The riddle and additional clues will be released first in store and then via social media. This is sure to be an exciting hunt designed to engage the entire family and help you to learn some of the amazing history right in our backyard. This is a free event for everyone, more details will be posted via social media and on our website as we get closer to the event so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!
Fine print: The treasure will be on public property within a 5 mile radius of Click here for more details on the Great Dexter Treasure Hunt and will not be buried. Please do not dig or destroy anything in your search. Clues will be released in store twice a week 24-48 hours before they are released on social media. The actual treasure will not be in the chest, you must bring the chest in to the Creamery to claim the prize. Each chest will be equipped with GPS tracking so we will know when it has been located.
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