Welcome to Dexter Creamery

Our mission is to be an asset to the community. We aim to be a factory of memories to you and your family and we measure our success based on your smile.

Premium Hard Ice Cream

Dexter Creamery offers 38 flavors of premium MOO-ville Ice Cream. MOO-ville Ice Cream has been named best in the nation by the North American Ice Cream Association two years running and for good reason. Featuring some of the highest butterfat content in the state their ice cream is “raised” from the ground up on the family run Westendorp farm in Nashville, Michigan. They feed their cows grains grown on the farm, milk their own cows and produce their amazing ice cream with the love, care and attention that truly shines in their products.

Soft Serve Bar

Our self service bar boasts an exquisite selection of 17 rich and creamy flavors, encompassing premium frozen yogurt, sumptuous ice cream, artisanal gelato, and refreshing sorbets. Our indulgent topping bar features over 70 luxurious toppings, including a decadent array of chocolates in every conceivable variety, velvety cheesecake chunks, moist brownie pieces, whimsical cupcake bites, and authentic, raw cookie dough. Our innovative pricing model is designed for your ultimate convenience, ensuring that crafting your dream dessert comes with the peace of mind of a maximum price cap. Opt for a modest portion and pay by the ounce, or indulge to the fullest with the assurance that your creation won’t exceed our ceiling price. We are committed to making the experience of enjoying your preferred dessert with your loved ones a completely stress-free delight.


All of our milkshakes begin with the highest quality premium MOO-ville ice cream, blended to perfection with just the right amount of milk to achieve the texture that’s thick enough to cling to a spoon yet fluid enough to sip through a straw. The magic of our milkshake lies in its customizable nature; whether you crave the classic simplicity of vanilla, the deep richness of chocolate, or the fresh zing of strawberry, there’s a flavor to satisfy every palate. But the adventure doesn’t stop at traditional tastes. With over 70 toppings available our milkshakes push the boundaries with innovative combinations like salted caramel, fresh brewed espresso, butterscotch adorned with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or even cupcake bites perched atop.


We offer premium fresh fruit smoothies and fresh brewed lattes made with high quality fresh roasted Zingerman’s espresso beans. Savor the vibrant, sun-kissed bliss in every sip of our all-natural fruit smoothies. Crafted with love and care, each smoothie is a harmonious blend of fresh juicy fruits, ensuring a burst of wholesome goodness. Our lattes start with hand selected beans from some of the best coffee growers in the world. Roasted fresh locally they deliver a strong cup of Joe that will keep you coming back for that next cup.